Mein erstes Buch ist erschienen

Ich habe am 30. März mein erstes Buch veröffentlicht. Es erscheint unter meinen Mädchennamen. Alle anderen Namen sind in dem Buch ebenfalls geändert. Da das Buch international erscheint, möchte ich keine Klagen riskieren, da ja auch US-Amerikaner involviert sind. Das E-Book ist nun auch erschienen. Die Exemplare können direkt über BoD oder in jeder Buchhandlung erworben werden.

The book is also available in English as an e-book. Here you can order.

If one does a journey, then he can still tell something about it.” This motto fits very well to my travelogue. It is a long tour with the motor home across the USA. It starts in Chicago and goes through interesting cities like Nashville, Memphis, Natchez and then to New Orleans in the south. We saw the former plantations in Louisiana and drive through the swamps. Then we continue west to San Antonio and Santa Fe. We get to know old western towns and the desert with many different kinds of cacti. There we met our American friends and drove together with them towards Las Vegas and Sacramento. Unfortunately, our friendship fell apart and we had to see how to plan the remaining time to Seattle on our own. On the way there we visited the Redwoods, Crater Lake, Mount Saint Helens and Olympic National Park. On this trip we got to know many interesting landscapes, places, people and animals. Many pictures documented this interesting trip.

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